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High performance Home Automation System

DEFT is a a high performance wireless home automation system that will change the way you experience your home. What if we said your home could love you back? Our home automation products Brews coffee for you, turns the geyser on all the while when you are snoozing your alarm for that five minutes of your precious morning sleep?

A connected home demands a powerful, reliable and yet secure platform capable of running and functioning even in the rigors of real world conditions, DEFT provides this with the help of the industrial standard ZIGBEE protocol, DEFT offers you utmost access over all home appliances with just a touch of your smartphone or tablet without any compromise in quality, technology and performance and thus is simply unmatched in any and all of these areas.


This makes the use of the product easy and worry free for children as well.

Voice & Control

Now you can operate all appliances with a simple voice command. It is optimized to work on various languages.

Sensor Control

DEFT is laden with light, motion and temperature sensors which make your HOME incredibly intelligent. You can adjust the lights & temperature anytime, a marvel in Home Automation Systems.

Appliance Control

DEFT can operate and systematize 999 appliances in your own HOME. Control all the primary appliances with your phone, anywhere and anytime!


Secure your home with DEFT’s IP Camera; also track the suspicious movements outside your home. Now control, lock or unlock your home with a simple click on your phone.

Zero Downtime

DEFT Room Controller has buttons for all your appliances. You can operate them using the Auto-Manual Switch (ON) and use your appliances manually.


DEFT will adapt to your routine with precision. Appliances like toaster, coffee maker, washing machine etc can be scheduled to function at a certain time.

Energy Monitor

DEFT will monitor energy consumption of each and every appliance. It will also notify you about appliances consuming surplus energy and assist you in reducing the energy footprint of your Home.

Curtain Control

DEFT comes with a controller that helps you mechanize curtains. Schedule them to open at the time you desire to wake up and let them shut when you sleep.

Water Sprinkler Controller

Enjoy a carefree vacation by just tapping your phone. Now water your plants from halfway across the world.

Artificial Intelligence

DEFT has its brain. It gathers information from the internet and lets you know about the latest trends, updates, news, and weather updates.