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Master Hub – The Brain of your Smart Home

Rushikesh - January 18, 2021 - 1 comment

Master Hub

Master hub acts as the brain of a smart home network, tying together various devices and systems in a centralized platform. Master hub is a device that controls all the room controllers and appliances connected within the DEFT Network. It collects and translates multiple protocol communications from smart home devices.

How does Master Hub work?

The Master Hub forms a network among themselves with all the appliances, enabling mutual and stable communication, guaranteeing the entire smart home system’s uninterrupted operation. With Wi-Fi & Zigbee Technology, the intelligent home network range is increases, and the devices intelligently find a way of communicating between the devices and the Master Hub.

Why do you need a Master hub for your Smart home?

Suppose you have a 3BHK+ home, So there’s a possibility that the signal strength of your WIFI router can’t reach every corner of the house. At that time, Master Hub is the best solution for you. Master Hub can connect devices up to the 60m range and expand up to 90m with a simultaneous connection of ‘999’ devices without lagging while operating.

Benefits of having Master Hub:

  • Longer Range:

You can connect devices within the range of 60m.

  •  More Devices:

You can connect up to 999 devices to the Master Hub.

  • Less load on the Router:

Master Hub connects with all the devices on behalf of the router to reduce dependency on a router

  • Use Offline:

Master Hub allows us to control all the devices in offline mode using our application.

What can you control using Master Hub?

You can control various appliances like Fan, Light, refrigerator, etc. Sensors like Gas/Smoke, Motion, IR Blaster, Smart Sensor. It’ll also act as a remote for AC, TV & Can control Gates, Water Sprinklers, Door Locks, and many more.

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