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Smart home automation comes with a variety of perks. The primary benefit being security. Your security gets a huge boost in every aspect. Apart from this, there are a plethora of benefits of home automation.

Imagine this – Your curtains open at 7 to wake you up for work as usual, and your water heater starts. By the time you have finished taking a shower, your coffee is brewed. While you finish making the omelet, the breads are toasted. While having breakfast you are updated with the morning news brief from your favorite channel. You then leave the house for work but, you’ve forgotten to switch off the lights. The lights automatically switch off after 2 minutes. While at work you get a notification on your phone saying that the doorbell has been rung. You tap in, to find out it is only your watchman’s son delivering groceries. You can now call him and say, you are not at home. After a long tiring day at work, you return to a temperature controlled room with the lights set according to your mood.

Benefits of Home Automation, Light Sensor

Is this possible? Yes, and this is how. There are about a thousand things you can achieve from home automation. Yes, literally. The appliance controller can systematize 999 appliances in your home. Which then work from a click on your Smartphone. This when combined with scheduler, can make your life much easier. The schedule will adapt to your routine with precision and schedule your appliances to work accordingly.

The highlighting feature of home automation is its smart nature. We are definitely talking about smart sensors here. Smart sensors are of different types and do a different kind of magical things. The temperature sensor senses the temperature outside and adjusts the room temperature that suits you the best. Then we have the light and motion sensors. The motion sensors detect the presence or absence of the resident and can turn on the light when they walk in and turn off when out.

Benefits of Home Automation, Light sensor

Some surveillance cameras come with smart features. Such as that on DEFT. This surveillance camera automatically detects any unusual behavior outside the door and immediately alerts the owner on their Smartphone. They know who to call next. This features really deliver a peace of mind for parents, who have kids at home and for those whose retired parents are at home alone.

Generally, over a period of time, any technology loses its appeal. But, not home automation, especially when it is DEFT. DEFT comes with a brain of its own, the artificial intelligence. Over a period of time, it learns your choices and preferences and acts accordingly. For instance, it will ask you if you want to know the latest news on CNN every morning, if CNN is your favorite news channel.

With DEFT you can wake up to the morning sunshine. Automated curtains can be tuned to open at the most convenient time. You can always snooze it on Sundays; we know how important those are.

There was a time when Smartphone operated homes were an attraction, we’ve moved beyond. You can control DEFT through voice too. Just say what you wish it to do and it will be done. It can also adapt to your mother tongue. Talk about cool.

Adding to the benefits of home automation, DEFT allows you to water your plants from anywhere. Say you are going on a vacation. And you’ve left the house early. While on the flight it strikes, you will not be able to water your plants for a week. You open your Smartphone and with a few clicks, it is done.

Benefits of Home Automation, Water Sprinkler

The most monetarily effective benefit of home automation is energy monitor. This monitors the electricity consumption of all the appliances and alerts the owner in case any appliance is consuming more electricity than usual.

One can create a list of benefits of home automation. But, it is important to compare all the services before deciding which one to buy.

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  • Rosie Beckett June 26, 2018 Reply

    My husband and I recently moved into a new home and we are thinking of getting some home automation features to make things more convenient. You make a great point that your home will have the temperature controlled the way that you like it as well as having the lights set according to your mood when you get home from work. Also, the fact that you can get motion sensors that will turn the lights off for you when leaving the house is great because I always forget to do that!

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